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Exhibition or Presentation Tutoring and Workshops
As a member of The New School’s Senior Leadership Team, Michael Oliver, Ph.D., was not only responsible for the creation of the school’s Senior Exhibition Program but he was also charged with developing its faculty in relation to its across the curriculum exhibition (or presentation) assessment program. As a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools, The New School placed the exhibition process at the center of its authentic assessment approach to education. Michael was the school’s leader in this methodology.

Now, Michael brings that expertise to you.

If your student is working on a large presentation or exhibition, Michael can help your student not only prepare that exhibition’s outline, language, coherence, and visuals, but he can also help your student prepare for the challenge of presenting her or his work to faculty and peers.

If your student needs guidance in the research aspects of her or his presentation and exhibition, Michael can also help your student not only with understanding the research process but also with sharpening the research question, developing sub-questions and connecting threads, organizing categories, and honing in on a thesis.

Michael charges between $50 and $75 per hour depending on the length of the sessions and the distance traveled. Contact Michael at [email protected] or at 202-529-3143 for more information.

If your school wants to strength its understanding of the exhibition process or the ability of your faculty to work with students on the exhibition process, Michael has developed a series of workshops to assist schools and teachers to do just that. Below are his basic workshops, but Michael can also tailor his approach to satisfy your school’s specific needs.
  • The Exhibition Process
  • Integrating Exhibitions into Courses
  • Developing Presentation Skills
  • Integrating Arts and Education

Michael charges between $150 to $250 per hour depending on the length of the workshop and the distance traveled. Contact Michael at [email protected] or at 202-529-3143 for more information.

If your business needs to strengthen its ability to present its products and information in a clearer more thoughtful manner, Michael can also work with your employees on strengthening their skills. Rates for business workshops are negotiated separately, depending upon the needs of your company.