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pk_logo_blackFinding Narrative in Knowledge / Giving Voice to Words

The art of storytelling, finding that through-line to a presentation or exhibition, developing the narrative frame for a play or tale — whatever one calls it, the event, the moment, the photograph, the talk, the sale, the dance, the story is central to its impact.

Robert Michael Oliver and Elizabeth Bruce specialize in STORY and PERFORMANCE.

  • With over 35 years of experience offering workshops to educators, professionals, actors, students, children, and writers they bring a wealth of perspectives and tools to whatever program they’re offering.
  • With over 35 years of experience creating works of art, from theatrical productions, to novels and plays, to solo performances and audio books, they know the power that story has to shape meaning and emotion.
  • Together, they have worked with children and adults of all ages, both in small and large groups as well as one-on-one, tutoring, coaching, and guiding.

Robert Michael Oliver has a Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies and a MFA in Directing, and years of teaching and administrative experience as the high school and college level. Michael is uniquely qualified to take a narrative or knowledge-based project from initial conception, to design and development, and into presentation.

Elizabeth has over 30 years of theatre, acting, writing, and youth and child development experience. During her three decades of work at CentroNia’s developing art and theatre she has compiled an impressive tool box of teaching strategies.

At The Performing Knowledge Project we have

  • Workshops on poetry and performance for all ages
  • Private tutoring sessions on essay writing for high school and university students and professionals
  • Story and dramaturgical consultations on novels, plays, and short stories
  • Acting for Writers Workshops for beginners and advanced writers
  • Theatrical Journeys for 3 to 5-year-olds
  • Performances of classical and contemporary literature
  • Acting and directing for stage and film

The Performing Knowledge Project develops stories and their performance to an audience of listeners and watchers.

  • Student preparing exhibitions for school
  • Professionals developing presentations for businesses and organizations
  • Playwrights working on scripts for theatres
  • Writers organizing information for articles and features