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Robert Michael Oliver performing ‘Eureka!’ in “Embodying Poe” at the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival.

IMG_4623 compressedWe at The Sanctuary’s Performing Knowledge Project are excited. Poe’s Eureka is coming!

    • That’s Edgar Allan Poe’s exploration of the universe
    • That’s his metaphysical study of the soul
    • That’s his search for unity between the poetic and the scientific
    • That’s his quest for synthesis between the material and spiritual

To help us in our efforts we have created an Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. You can join the Indiegogo Campaign for Poe’s Eureka.

Robert Michael Oliver’s one-man show Embodying Poe: poetry-in-performance, which premiered at the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival, concluded with Poe’s mystical excursion into outer space.

20130921082317-cinematic_look_compressed (1)After completing the existential film version of his famous poem,The Raven, the creative team of Robert Michael Oliver, Yitna Firdyiwek, Aashish Edakadampil, and Doug Frasier decided it was time to launch a new project, The Raven’s bookend. If Poe’s black bird ends in a haunting madness, his Eureka: a prose poem offers a vision of hope.

Poe’s Eureka presents a greater challenge, however. It imaginative foray into cosmic splendor needs cinematography to match its wonder.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 4.19.46 PM

We have also created a Facebook page especially for the film: click here. Like the page and you will receive regular updates on our 45 day journey to raise $15,000.  If you support our Indiegogo Campaign, you will receive rewards from posters to DVD’s of the film to an invite to the opening to a special mention as a producer.

To find out who we are, click here.
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