Workshops: Acting for Writers Begins

Posted on: June 16th, 2013 by

session 1 sound and motion

The Acting for Writers Workshop series began yesterday. What a wonderful time! A dozen people from across the age spectrum exploring the intersection between the craft of acting and the craft of writing.

making the fool session 1

As all the participants were writers, we started off with a heavy focus on the craft of acting–the basics: objective, action, beat. And of course trust. The study of human behavior. We played Making the Fool, Escaping the Circle, Who started the Motion? We ended with Escaping Small Objects and a writing prompt for next time.

making the fool session 1(2)

I remembered how much I enjoy leading a group of folks on an actor’s journey through his or her craft. For me, it is also like the fundamentals of life and understanding how and why people do what they do?

Working with Sarah Pleydell and Elizabeth Bruce has been a joy.

There are still a few slots open for participants who have not yet signed up. Registration fee is only $25, and it is okay if you cannot make every single workshop. Contact Elizabeth Bruce at [email protected]

And a big shout out to the DC’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities for funding these workshops.

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