Theatrical Learning Journeys

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by

Multi-sensory science expeditions for Pre-K and K students.

The Sick Teddy Bear.

The Sick Teddy Bear.

“Transforming Teddy Bears into Patients and Paper Clips into Rain Drops.”

This child imagines herself a meteorologist; this one speaks like a doctor; this one performs a scratch test. 

Language development, role-playing, and creativity.

A Theatrical Learning Journey Video: click here.

 Journeys Include:

  •  Healing the Sick Teddy Bear

  •  Metamorphoses: Caterpillar to Butterfly

  •  Saving the Polar Bears: Global Warming

  •  Teddy Bear’s Allergies

  •  Water Cycle

  •  Wave Action

  •  Photosynthesis

  •  Forest Fire Fighters

  •  Game Land: Shapes, Numbers Mazes & Memory Cards

    And, then, the rains came.

    And, then, the rains came.