Past Performance Pieces

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by

The Performing Knowledge Project considers each of its productions an on-going assignment. Because each Project is available for tours and individual bookings, it is continually being evaluated and improved.

We offer different packages and we specialize in customization.  Performances usually run for approximately 60 minutes.  Packages can include

  • The performance itself

    Poetry in Performance Workshop

  • Workshop on the art of “poetry in performance”
  • Workshop on the content of the poetry
  • Workshop on the author(s) involved
  • Workshop on the process that was used to construct the show.

Robert Michael Oliver performing “Silence: a Fable”



Currently, The Performing Knowledge Project inaugural show, Embodying Poe, which opened in summer 2011, is the only project available.



For more on Embodying Poe, click here.